Cinque Terre

In September, CEA took us all to the famous Cinque Terre.  We left Firenze at 7 AM on a bus to go to the train station in La Spezia.  A lot of people slept on the bus, but I stayed awake because I like to look out the window.  I got to see the sun come up over the Apennines (the mountain range that runs down the middle of Italy).  We passed Carrara, which is where the quarry is that Michelangelo went to go get marble for his sculptures.

In La Spezia we all got a special ticket that let us stay in and travel around the Cinque Terre area for the day.  We also got maps so we could take the trails between the five towns if we wanted.  Cinque Terre is Italian for ‘five lands’, and the five towns are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso.  I took the train all the way to Monterosso and stayed there all day, mostly due to falling asleep on the beach.  Me and a couple other girls went into a little tourist shop, where I got a cool swimsuit coverup.  Then we went down to the beach and sat on our towels taking pictures.

the beach at Monterosso


Brie and Nicole showed up later (Emily was still exploring the other towns) and we went swimming.  The beaches are really cool.  The water is about ankle to knee deep for a while, and then suddenly drops off, which is why in pictures the water is always light blue and then dark blue.  I have this weird fear of water I can’t see the bottom of, basically anything that isn’t in a swimming pool, so I was standing on the edge and Brie and Nicole and this old Italian guy were all urging me to just jump in.  So I did.

Later, Emily showed up with some other people.  We only had about an hour before we had to be back at the La Spezia station, so Em, Brie, Nicole and I went and got gelato.


By the way, this was the last day I had long hair.


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